Homeless Outreach Program


The Need

Studies conducted at the beginning of 2020 have shown that homelessness in Los Angeles County remains on the rise. The 54,291 homeless in 2020 shows an increase of close to 10% over 2019 figures. And while the County has implemented programs to provide emergency shelters and transitional housing for the homeless, 75% of the population still remains unsheltered, see link below.

How You Can Help

For over 20 years, your donations have helped us provide mobile homeless outreach services.  Our field team regularly visits homeless encampments, low-income neighborhoods, parks, parking lots, and other locations to set up stations and provide food, water, clothing, blankets and personal hygiene items and administering on-site health assessments to the homeless of our communities. With homelessness on the rise, we need to increase our reach and the number of homeless we are able to serve. Practically, this means additional vehicles and supplies for our staff and volunteers to hand out to those in need.


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