Annual Events

Annual Events

Eaton Canyon Foundation sponsors events throughout the year to feed both the body and the soul. Donations are solicited throughout the year for these vital, heartwarming events. Your donation towards these events would be highly appreciated.

Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway

In 2019, we celebrated our 20th Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway at Central Park in Pasadena. The annual toy giveaway provides an “Open to The Public & Come as You Are” festive Christmas event for the less fortunate children and families who otherwise would have a very minimal or no Christmas at all. Eaton Canyon Foundation provides them with an afternoon of joy, toys, laughter and the spirit of Christmas. It is a celebration of life that is extremely needed and appreciated by those we serve.

Unfortunately, this year due to the coronavirus, we are unable to collect or distribute donated toys from the community to prevent the further spread of bacteria. Therefore, we are collecting funds to purchase 300 gift cards and vouchers this holiday season. Our goal is to collect $25,000 to be able to distribute $50 gift cards to homeless individuals and $100 gift cards to homeless families in Southern California. Time is of the essence, we will begin distributing gift cards on December 20 at various homeless encampments, parks, parking lots, and other locations often visited by the homeless.

Visit our GoFundMe campaign site:

Thanksgiving Dinner

During the Thanksgiving Holiday period, Eaton Canyon Foundation gives away food baskets and Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and low-income families in the community. Volunteers assist in delivering meals in collaboration with several local food-give-away programs.

At a time when most of us are gathered in the comfort of our homes, surrounded by family and loved ones, giving thanks for all we have, those dealing with homelessness and food insecurity can come together for a hot meal and fellowship.

Easter Egg Hunt

For kids facing food and housing insecurity, events that bring the diversion of fun, laughter and joy are so appreciated. Eaton Canyon Foundation hosts an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children of these underserved communities where they can interact and have fun with other children in their same situation.

Mother’s Day Dinner

Eaton Canyon Foundation honors mothers each year with our annual Mother’s Day Dinner. With many of those we serve being women who are homeless, battered, addicted or dealing with mental illness, having this moment of being remembered, seen and celebrated is a lifeline to normalcy. Recognizing that many women end up in deprived situations at no fault of their own, honoring them on Mother’s Day helps restore a positive sense of self-worth that is desperately needed.